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〖Wooden houses〗 Warm. Majestic. Unique - construction of VBK Sofia


Our company only works with stabilized wood: Dry in the special factories oven and conditions and glued.

For example, blockhouses have many advantages. They have a healthy microclimate, they are build quickly and have a wild and beautiful appearance.

However, the construction of the blockhouse is fraught with problems, among them: the uneven thermal insulation properties of the walls, unsightly cracking of logs and, finally, the settling of the building and the associated non-aesthetic interior design (it is necessary to support the finishing of rooms on the ceilings, in the apertures of windows and doors).

The glulam timber technology was created several decades ago precisely in order to eliminate the shortcomings of traditional raw logs.

The advantages of the house from glulam timber

High durability. The strength of glulam beam walls is 50-70% higher than that of structures made of traditional logs. Moreover, glulam beam walls have higher strength than brick and concrete walls!

High resistance to rotting and insect penetration. The technology used to create glulam timber involves achieving high quality by eliminating wood defects. Due to this process, glulam wood is a material that is more resistant to rotting and insect infestation than traditional logs.

Friendly microclimate. In a case with other houses made from wood, glulam houses provide a microclimate for people to sleep and concentrate better. The air quality in the house is influenced by the hygroscopic and thermal properties of wood.

Thermal insulation. The insulation properties of glulam timber (including the R value) are practically unchanged, the beams do not break. We carefully consider this point even at the design stage, and the effect of thermal insulation will not change over time.

Ecology. Wood is an ecological material that grows and absorbs more CO2 than it makes processing of treatment.

Complectation the house from glulam timber

The complex of obligatory works and the appropriate materials for the construction of the house from glulam beam, which we sell consists of:
- Construction of house walls
- Roof and roofing
- Gables
- Ventilation channels
- Wall decoration, design
- Overlapping (between 1 and 2 floors)
- Overlapping (attic)
- Floors at 0.00
- Carpentry components (windows, doors, stairs)
- Engineering
- Terrace and porch

Over the years, our team has developed many ready-made projects of houses from glulam timber for year-round living. It often happens that when planning the construction, the client is fond of making changes and gets a completely new unique project.


The cost of erecting a house from a glulam beam depends on the complexity of the project, size of the building and wall`s thickness.
We use for the construction of the glulam timber of our own production up to 20 cm thick, up to 16 m long.
When planning the construction it is necessary to consider the purpose of the object and the number of storeys.

In our catalogue, there are projects of houses with walls 200 mm thick and an area of 120 m2 with a total cost of $ 117,000.

We would like to point out that as the area of the house increases, the cost of 1 sq.m. decreases.

Glulam timber is perfect for building large objects. Due to the strength and the possibility of obtaining long beams, it is possible to build a house of a shape that is difficult to obtain with other technologies. Despite the use of traditional material, which is wood, it is difficult to talk about a simple character - the house can look modern.

We know how to implement it!


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