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Modular houses for the PERMANENT RESIDENC

The private houses and cottages develop at a fast clip in Ukraine. Besides, the modular houses are becoming more and more relevant and in demand.

“VBK “Sofia” is one of the first companies of the construction of modular houses in Ukraine. We worked the production part back in 2014.

What is the modular house?

Modular house from “VBK “Sofia” is the prefabricated wooden houses from glulam timber or framing, which can consist of a few sections, named as modules. The modular house which depends on sizes can be assembled on your territory by builders or transported in the finish form by special equipment. Modules can connect between themselves in any variant including doors.

As a rule, the house previously assembles and calibrates at the factory stock. The construction term is finished in a few weeks, maximum - 3 months.

The placement and assembling of modules can build from an hour to the few days, or even 2 months.

The wooden modular houses are used as temporary, long-term or permanent residence.

The principles of modular construction

Sizes of module (length -width- height):
6.30x2.24x2.9 m. It adapted to the transportation by truck in any distance, as one module to some simultaneously.

Modular house for turn-keys can consist of one-, two-, three- and more modulus, it depends from the square meters. Besides, we build a double-storey modular house.

Dwelling or barth wooden framing modular house produced at the factory during one month. In this terms, we assembling the ready modular house, which consist of:

- Metal base of framing;
- Construction of supporting walls;
- Roof;
- Insulation of everything supporting construction;
- Engineering;
- Windows, doors, terrace, pergolas+painted outside and inside surface by high quality assure;
- Furniture.

Delivery and Assembling

Dwelling or bath modular houses deliver by truck (manipulator mechanism with knuckled arm) and assembling at the building site.

The term of assembling to the one or more modules house is a few hours.

In case, if the house consists of one or more modules the assembling is 2-4 days.


The price of modular houses depend with the architectural complexities and square of buildings.
Please note that a larger area makes a square meter cheaper.

The cost of construction and operation will ultimately be much lower than that of brick.

You can also save on heating in a wooden house.

The cost of the wooden framing modular house for year-round living is 380 000 UAH.

The process of construction is extremely complicated, although it seems to be easy to build such a house. It is for this reason that you can confidently work with our company. We, without exaggeration, professionals in their field and for many years of work are happy to hear from our customers.


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