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The construction of a house is a complex and extensive process, which requires a professional approach and high quality workmanship. That is why it is extremely important to look for skilled professionals and responsible company, which easily completes all phases of the construction of the building. This category of professionals is the company "VBK "Sofia"

 We have many years of providing turnkey projects in accordance with the requirements and technical parameters. We can listen to and understand every client, regardless of the scrupulous requests themselves.


Any wooden, country-houses or mansion our company builds according to the same specifications, which correspond to each project. Terms of Reference is completed after the project and the execution of full package of documentation..

 The work starts with a joint design, which is very carefully planned and prepared taking into account each relevant detail. The project is prepared taking into account all these requirements in line with modern trends in building and planning of residential space. If necessary, our staff can invite clients to view the project in person to identify the "obscure issues" and determine the feasibility of implementation.

 After discussion of the technical design, a feasibility report will be prepared, estimate, which will exclude expensive and unreasonable project. There are situations in which work can start without a given technical task. In this case, our staff will be guided by the project and the cost estimate based on it.

 After the above nuances are agreed contract is formed, which provides for the construction and related production. Obligatory purchase of cost materials is stipulated. Arrangement ensures the protection of all parties, maintenance of built objects and performing works in a strictly specified time. Fabrication of facilities is made by us for the satisfaction of each customer, as evidenced by the positive feedback and continuous recommendations.


Our company guarantees each buyer the quality, strict terms and long-term exploitation of the project. With our submission you can get a high quality frame-shut-frame or long-lived house from glulam timber.

High-quality materials, long terms of explication and professional service guarantee you receiving the desired result at the favorable price. Prices remain fixed, irrespective of the economic situation in the country or the company's specifics.


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