Frame houses

The construction of framing houses from “VBK “Sofia”

Nowadays, it is much easier to build a framing house, as the preparation of materials takes place entirely on the territory of the factory stock of our company.

On the machines, each element of the future house is clearly measured, cut strictly according to the technical documentation of the object and at the final stage passes the test stage of assembly.

Owing to the speciality methodics any non-joints during installation of the house are leveled.

The construction in areas with difficult to access for large equipment (hills, vegetation, densely populated garden societies, lack of entrances), the framing house can be assembled directly on the place, which will not affect the quality of the assembly.

Technology of wooden framing houses

Framing houses as for Canadian technology have some construction, which we hold in the process of build.

The construction of walls is very strong. It gives as for wooden framing (bars) and cover of the space by sheet materials between the sections of framing. (For example, OSB).

Besides, the space between sheets fill the insulation: basalt, mineral, eco-wool, fiberglass, wooden-fiber.

In the everything steps of construction, we recommend to our customer the best materials with the calculation maximum effectiveness and optimal price.
Practically in everything objects, we use ecological, wooden-fiber insulation - Steico.
It has plates, sheets for constructive purpose. Steico - the materials of the Poland`s manufacturer and VBK Sofia is the official certified representative in Ukraine.

So much more popular is that construction of a wall: Framing is covered by an OSB plate - outside, vapor permeable material put on insulation inside of the framing with the vapour membrane.

Complete set

We offer different complete sets of wooden framing house, like as the follow:

1 Variant

The wooden framing box of house + assembling:
- exterior supporting walls
- interior supporting walls
- interior walls and partitions
- overlap, ceiling
- rafter system

2 Variant

The wooden framing box of house + assembling:
- exterior supporting walls with insulation
- interior supporting walls with insulation
- interior walls and partitions with insulation
- overlap, ceiling with insulation
- rafter system with insulation

Price of the wooden framing house

The payment of construction works consist of the paths: prepayment, interval payment and final payment after acceptance of works.


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