Living build and repair

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Information about the construction of living builds and repairs accommodations

The wish of the best level of the comfortable and coziness of living places are normally majority for us. Everybody try to do the home for own preference. At the next time appear the innovation builds technology and materials which give the ability to make the building design appearance.

One of the company’s “PBC “Sofia” activities is residential construction, the provision of repair works in apartments and rooms turnkey. We don`t do the damp repair and try in design various idea and things our customer. In results of our work some place will become in brightly and comfortable accommodation, where want to live and create. Through the use of innovative materials and techniques, we can cardinally transform the look the appearance of your building. We take into account individual wishes every client at work and try doing the repair of building in the shortest time in Kyiv.

Full complex of repair works

“PBC “Sofia” is the company which can show the modern technology opportunities for quality fulfillment complex of work for repair. You do not worry because our specialists take all steps of work and exercises: the developer of work, sanitary engineering and covering works, the buying of build materials, the removal refuse.

All services will make the collaborator with more experiences under leadership of engineer. Our partners are well known supplier build materials. Besides what we have the own produce, we offer the accessible prices on the repair of apartments and other accommodations in Kyiv. Our company produces the wood windows and doors, parquets, staircase steps, fireplaces, barbeques. For the opportunity of providing complexes of services we provide everybody customers of quality results!

The cost of services on living build and repair works

The actual prices on the service you can spot in our office for contact telephone or e-mail.

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