Country house

General information about builds of the Country house

The main ways of the activity our company “PBC “Sofia” is build the country houses. We always try to understanding with the customer and we responsibility relate to process of build and we try to make all ideas of our clients in life in the new house.

What caused demand country houses?

Gradually the build of country houses take on popularity. The own house in the ecologically clear place behind the city on the laps of nature is more attractive then small flat in the megapolis. The main priorities of country house are the atmosphere of comfortable, harmony, nature and the abilities to relax on the own place.

Our goal is simplify the process of build country house or cottages. We give the services for erect which have all responsibility for the projection and build of the own house. You have not necessity to find severally designers and builders only what you do that is turn into our company and we will make all complex of work.

Diversity of country houses

We can offer various types of houses for you wishes: wireframe and shield or houses from glued laminated timber. Our collaborator from the project department will develop the project of house, the engineers’ help to set up estimate and choose the build materials, the specialists for engineering communication instalation all equipment and the designers make the covering and decoration. The country houses erected by our company are admirable and draw all attention.

Begin the process of erect own country house can take for attention on many factors: the area of place, the specific of land and relief, the system of engineering communication, to generate of architectural project. All this characteristics have the influence on the right fundament, the build of walls and wireframe. Recommended to include the climate as level of humidity and middle year’s temperature, the blow of winds, precipitation level because all that impact on the type of the system of heating, the choose materials for decoration.

The professionals of our company can help you organize and qualitatively the process of the production. We can do all work on the higher level and as a result you will get the key of the ready living house. Our specialists make all what you want and you don`t worry about anything. You can be assurance that the build will be ready at the reservation time with the quality.

Information about price on the country house

The price on build of country houses are depend from complexity of project and architectural decisions, metric area and numbers of floors house and the peculiarity of place. The price depends from the order of typical project or developer individual project of house. In any case when you buy the typical project can exchange the desire correctors and receive the unique house.