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General information about construction of the commercial and production places  

In Kyiv, the quickly stapes of develop the construction commercial- production space and entertaining centers, which became for many inhabitants of the city permanent place for rest and relaxation. Our company of LLC “PBC “Sofia” is the professional builder with the experience of the work, which can do the complicated construction technology exercise, as the erection commercial places. In the first steps of develop project account must be taken of many factors:

  • securing the place for planning number of persons and comfortable conditions,
  • optimal planning of the commercial and production place ,
  • optimal level for the municipal service.

We recommend use the service of the affair professional persons for the construction to the commercial and production space, because it needs the big quantity build`s technics and worker.

The construction of the commercial and production space

The erection of the warehouses and producers buildings will become the other spheres of the activity by the company “PBC “Sofia” LLC. In the suburb of Kyiv near the capital are claiming the services of build produces workshops (department) for the companies and warehouses now. We make the build of warehouses every complicate level with the innovation technologies and build materials.

We have the many years of experiences and provide the quality build of building with everything technologies as: from the concrete blocks, wireframe buildings, erect in shortest term of buildings from the sandwich panels and others. Our engineers and constructors are ready to give the useful recommendation with your opportunities and demands in every case. We always guaranteed the quality and give the services in term!

Realized project

Only for the last time were realized the bellow projects:

  • Shopping center “Ashan”, 15 Moscowskiy Avenue, Kyiv;
  • Good Wine (bureau of wines) 9 Mechnikova Str, Kyiv.;
  • Restaurant “Eurasia” metro Nyvky , Kyiv.;
  • Café “Drage” Lvov square, Kyiv;
  • Agricultural complex in the village Dzihovka, Vinnitsa region.;
  • Hotel “Mirotel” Truskavets city;
  • Refueling station “OKKO”, “Socar”, “Luk-oil”, “TNK” in Kyiv, Kharkov and Nikolayev and Kherson region
  • Milk plants of merchandise mark “Schedriy Vechir” in the Horodische, Zashkov, Shpola, Khrystinivka.;
  • Others

The build industries are developing and appear the new materials and technology. We try to keep up to date. For the erect of building are use the various materials and the ways of assembling: metal construction, monolithic wireframe technologies, and sandwich panels, wireframe and shield panels, bricks, gas block and foam block etc.

The prices on the build of entertaining and shopping centers

The detailed information on the cost of build services on the commercial and industrial areas you can recognizes with the call or e-mail of our managers.

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