The projects of private houses and summer cottages

Maybe, nobodies will be dispute that the build own house is the important and responsible event. And who decided to the serious step of build house thinking about cosiness and perfect life in the own house but they aren`t thinking about real construction of houses or summer cottages.

Any planning building cannot exist without preliminaries project. The houses and summer cottages are very often build for many years exhaust nervures and the finances of customers – those houses the build companies agree to construct without preliminaries estimate, accounting and project.

The ready projects for build private houses and summer cottages and we are ready to work under individual projects of any complexity

For the clear and distinct project build will be the information about stand of electro set roads, heat system, airway, the engineering system. Besides the project will be include the plan of all rooms and other accommodations, the construction of fundament and roofing. Our organization treasures the reputation and will not begin the build without detailed project of house. If that hasn’t, we develop it from the start themselves in the shortest time because we have the state of experienced architects in our company.

In our build`s company the architects are not designers of exteriors they are the engineers which make the project documentation. The documentation includes the methods and types of work from the build. With the collaboration of our company will not ask to show the model of house in the place in 3d format. We make this work without prepayment after the making of contract. We painted the floors plan of summer cottages or houses.

On the creation the house project with architects work the professional constructors. They depth make the reliability of construction; build materials and the right technics decisions. After all calculation the construction will do the conclusion for the land where build the house and then confirm the materials and plan of the ground.

From the good moments we can to underline that after negotiate the contract for the build house and to take the advance of money the our company develop the project of private house or summer cottage with all you wishes for free of charge.

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