The projection and design houses

In the process of projection wood houses will be factor into all nuances and preference of all family members. The size of places economic and living rooms that in the results will be do the maximal level of comfortable life. That is why the aim of develop wood house projects the professionals of PBC “Sophia” use the Germany software Cad Work. In the professional hands of our designers the program become the main instruments which helps to make all detailed, visualized projects and compare to the details of construction with maximum exactness. Taking into account the complexity of construction have the opportunity will show the necessary length and section of materials. With the help of program we make the wood house projections. We offer to our customers the accuracy projects of house which full exclude the opportunity of mistakes.
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The projection of houses in Kyiv

We can take the order as typical as individual projects in company VBK “Sophia”. The typical projects are cheaper for cost but the individual will be developing including your wishes and preferences. Besides in the typical projects can corrected from your family prefers. By the buying of typical project include the ground on your place and others factor. The sphere of wooden build in our country is stand on the developer ways that recommended to choose the individual projects. It gives the opportunity to projection of esthetic lucky wood houses, which will be differ one to another that’s you can avoid the utility. In the process of projection wooden houses need to include the orientation of place and to build from the cardinal. The main attention need the planning and try to give every members of family for 30-40 square meters of living area are optimal. The office of our company situated in Kyiv for address 13 M.Rascovoy Street, where you can give the qualification consultation of our specialists and designers.
The middle price of wood house are in the diapason $ …in equivalents. The costs of project depend from the level of complexity and attendant factors. After made the sketch of wood house we give the customer the commercial offer to the produce of build. In case, if our company will be making the release of project that the price of projection goes to the prices of build works.

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