Projection of the house and cottage

The company of “PBC “Sofia” has many years of experience in the development of the project living rooms and cottages. We share with you our lifelength and attainment; show them as kind of work out project the higher quality. The main fields of our company work are the projection of houses and cottages of the wireframe and shield type and from glued laminated timber. The staffs of our company have the professional architects and engineers who show to you the ready project of houses and to create the individual project with all you wishes and demand. Design and construction of the wood houses are performing by means of software Cad Work (Germany).

This program is considerate unique tools create on the maxi accuracy measurement, the rendering of project and interface components of the constructions. In the program can get the specification of different materials for the required length section what is very important in the case of complex architectural designs. Our architects with that program are design with accuracy for detailed wireframe and shield houses, the house from glued laminated timbers are receive accurate drawings of walls and ceilings for assembly manual and in the automatic condition. In the case of the CadWork absolutely cashier the mistakes and inaccuracy of the projection.

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Features design houses

The main principals for the build of projects cottage are become the comfort, practice, beauty appearance view and the economy of energy. The project of house is the first way for the realization dream about own family hearth and comfortable place for rest. The build of house will become the long term investments and the main decision which need the careful approach. The process of the developer project of villa or cottage are cardinal distinguish from many flats houses.

Our architects thinking every detail in the project for you wishes that is why in the results will become the original and unique house. The architects and engineers develop the project include yours individuals mode of life, presentation of the beauty and coziness. We can offer develop of projects wireframe and shield houses or the houses from glued laminated timber.

Both variants have many advantages but only you solve where you will be live the few decades. The constructors of our company produce the nice calculation of square, engineers communication, construction even in the geological conditions that is why in that house will be provide the higher level of comforts in the exacting customers. In our photo gallery you can see the visual villa, which have our developer. And then you can take the ready projects of house or we create for you wishes unique house for you and your family.

The company “PBC “Sofia” your reliability partners in the projection of house and villas. We are realized all unusual ideas of our clients, create the house with the aura of home warm and coziness.

Average price of projects wood house are in the diapason $…in equivalents. The cost of project is depending from the level of complexity and other factors. After the make sketch project of wood house we give the customers the commerce offer on the build. In case if our company will be realizing the project that price of projection goes for the work of build.

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