The licenses for build`s and projection`s houses by the companies “VBK “Sophia” and “TransBud-RK”


“VBK “Sophia”



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The activities of our company are produces all your wishes for the build your own home. The main ways are bases on the build of the wireframe and shield houses and the houses from glued laminated timbers for turnkey. The other main way is the build of wood products (windows, doors, stairs, parquet board, arbors, pergolas and others decorate products) and fireplaces and barbecues. Our technologies of build offer to you kindness and qualities houses for moderate prices in the shortest term. You will celebrate house warming are quickly than understand that you will have the owner house.

The buildings are the processes which need the detailing planning and accuracy of making work, the attention to the every detail and the constant perfection of technology and the main professions. The fast rate of build has given the appearance new materials and technologies which give the opportunities reduce the expenses and the term of build and provide the high quality work

The field of activities our company base on the project documentation which include the project of buildings, all documentation for them and the law documents, manufacturing, complex building of any complexity from our materials or customer`s.

The distinction from others build materials is complexity. It consists of the designed, production and build group. That structure provides the identity every detached details and project as a whole. Prop up at the experiences and work the plant acquire the eminently qualified specialists with the profile dividing for the direction of work and the progressive methods of build.

Entrust to quality standard and technology, the customers receive the opportunity the effective manage of projects for the modern rules in the build. The customer is the center of company work. We are estimate the quality of build objects in the productive partnerships.

Today, the field of the company activities has all build spheres, include::

  • the organization of project-searching works;
  • compose of the estimate documentation
  • the technical and economic analysis of build variants;
  • the technical supervision and the quality standard of the building works;
  • the build and reconstruction building;
  • the repair and reconstruction of the historical architect building;
  • the architecture and buildering projection of places and the design of interiors;
  • management of projects;
  • the build of the cottages and cottage towns;
  • the industry build;
  • the fronts work (the structural glasses, wet and ventilation fronts);
  • decoration works of expensive natural materials (natural stones, marble, granite, ceramics and granite, sandstones, slate etc.);
  • produce of elements of decoration design from various materials and technologies;
  • the services ready buildings


Among with active work in Ukraine we find time to take place at the build exhibitions.


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