The modulus house for Americans

The small villa on the coast of ocean or the house in the high mountains rather far off people…Many people dream about that and even guess like realize. You will need to buy the wood house but not customary …on the wheels.

The American pair Malissa and Kriss Tack built the small wood house on the wheels. The living places have the 13 square meters, and the size is 2, 13 m and 6, 09 m.

From the outside of house have 4 big sun-batteries, which provide the electrics. There has the sewerage. Once of the visual trick for widening place is the having ten windows include the big window on the roof for ventilation. The house has the small sitting room, compact kitchen and the second floor of bed room.

All it has in the modulus houses from the company of PBC “Sophia”. The most details about our small houses from the glued timber and wireframe and shield on the chapter Modulus houses.

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