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The company of “PBC “Sofia” with the project of wood houses and cottages propose the provision of the necessary facilities adjoining places there are services of landscape design and planting of greenery. Landscape design is the once steps on the build the beauty and coziness gardens for serene and harmony recreation in any seasons. The professional landscapes design is a difficult affair and if you want to get the beauty and right garden for stylistic points of view we recommended turning for us. We have the professional designers which will make your territory around wood houses and beautiful adjoin the house places.

The landscape design has many rules and prohibitions that is why you will turn to professionals which know how to do your dream of garden in real life. In the process to build of landscape design the first ways become the visit`s the designer and examination the place with the aim of build the volume and complexity of work. The designer gives you professional advice and includes all regards. In the next meeting the designer will prepare few projects of sketch for customer.

The elements of Landscape design:

  • rough drafts;
  • laying out drafts;
  • laying out drafts;
  • dendroplan;
  • 3D visualization .
In case of need is developing the system of drainage, automatic water scheme and street lights. In case if in the place elaborate relief conditions will recommend to do surveying. After agreeing on the project, our specialists are making on landscape design. For this service your garden will be on the stand place and diving on the zones of rest and sports. The designers in depth choose the plants which are suitable taking into account climatic conditions, the area of places and the wishes of customers in the zones of the green plants.

Then will make the planting flowers, build the roads and formation the recreation zones. After will finish work, you enjoy the atmosphere of harmony and calm in own paradise oasis. Our designers for maximum include the wishes of customers, that’s you will be sure in results to receive that garden what you dream. Our priorities are professionalism; individual approach and creative for developing every project of landscape design.

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