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Main information

The Domical houses is the most perspective ways in build of wood houses, because has the features, which tell you in this article. In the minds the famous world`s architect the feature are in the Domical houses because they most durable in use. The specialists of “PBC “Sofia” will ready to design for you projects and erect domical houses of any types and complexity level and area. The price of square meter depends from the complexity of architecture. We offer for you buy the ready projects and the services for projection of houses accordingly to your individual order.

Цена на купольные дома

The points of Domical houses
  • Save the energy behinds, which achieve for the form of roof;
  • The effective ventilation system;
  • The lower cost for the heating and conditions;
  • The volume of place is less than cubical cover and as the results the build of domical house the cost of materials will be cheap;
  • Those houses are characteristic the low weight and the opportunity sustain big pressure (for example they can have the pressure of snow for 650 kg on 1 square meters) ;
  • The domical house can build in any places and natural condition ;
  • At the projection of domical house the designers haven’t any nuances, because the house become unique and original for the customer fantasy.
The construction of the Domical houses
The domical houses are building from the special bent glued wood beams. The products of bent glued type are the modern and with the high technological build materials. It produces in the build where need to overlap the open space. That is help to simplify the projection. The dignity of the bent glued wood beams is the high level of durability, reliability and an excellent load carrying capacity. That’s construction is the maximalists steady to the negative factors of ambient without exposed and easy handling. The methods of bent glued wood beams have many abilities under mechanics working. With bent glued wood beams the fibers exchanges along the bending axis and them are not process as mechanics. That is why the curved details will become so much stronger. The flexibilities for wood give with the aim to receive the level of temperature and humidity. Then the lamellas are gluing with the special compassions which gives to get the details with super strength. In the bent glued wood houses are less the pressure on the fundament for the low weight of constructions. The securities and longtime stands of houses are based on the qualities of gluing lamellas in the main elements.
The company of “PBC “Sofia” LLC produces the control of quality on the every ways uses: monitoring the materials and gluing. We clearly observe the production technology, use only high-quality wood timbers and as results we offer good products for our customers.