Cottages villages

General information about erection of the cottage villages

The company of “PBC “Sofia” is specialized on the complex projections and erect modern cottage village. The result of our work is according to the highest requirements and standards for the cottage. At the section gallery of our web-site you can visit one of the cottage villages near the Kyiv.

Why is a very popular cottage village?

The most perspective way of immovable property market becomes to erect cottage villages, nowadays. That develop the original and in depth thinking projects. That is why give the customers the advantage as comfortable life behind the city. The clear nature, the atmosphere of harmony and calmness are there. We give the places which equip for European standard.

Nowadays, the build of houses take to observance individuality of villa. Every house projected as extract the originals because the damp houses are not popular. For the every project work the team of the designers, architects, and constructers.

Specific of the build cottage village

The build of cottage villages have the own abilities which create the all architectural and stylistic composition. Those villages consist of the original planning which make in the united conception and style with the surrounding landscape. And the specific of cottage villages are the creating the infrastructure of the part or full volume: the stand of engineering communication and network, the build of entertaining, educational and medicines buildings, shops, banks and parking.

Our company likes to offer the customers various project of house from the budget proposal to the build of luxuries unique private houses. We are trying hearing all and displaying the attention for all wishes. Among the types of houses we have the ability to choose the wireframe and shield or the houses from glued laminated timber all depend from the own wishes.

Besides the developing to the project of houses and erecting cottage villages our company take the services for accomplishment places, the landscape design, make the artificial reservoirs and swimming pools. We have made the stand engineering communication as water-, gas-supply, canalization, electro network and the builds of road.

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