Wireframe house

The wireframe house is the erect for Canadian`s technology with the standard and requirement of modern build. Their main advantages became economy and short term for erect. All detailed of construction produces on the plants and construct on the place of build as constructor.

The designers by company PBC “Sofia” have projected wireframe houses with the special program provides and it has not given to receive the mistakes and made the maximal accurate accounts of wireframe or other details. For your attention give the typical projects or you can take a order individual project with any wishes.

The technology of erect wireframe houses

The build of wireframe houses have many advantages than brick` houses – good price that will become important factors of customers. For that technology we have the possibility of erect house in shortest time that it give great pleasure that people who don’t want wait during few years.

We can proposal the build of comfortable houses and guaranteed that wireframe house stand for 50 years and will be pleasure with reliability and durability in the coziness atmosphere. The technology of build houses that type was born in North America. Nowadays, the principles of quickly build staying the same exchanges only the build materials. The technology includes constructing metal wireframe and from inner and outside sheathing by shields. In the project of houses use the steam and hydro isolation layers of materials.

We can propose the projection of wireframe houses on any tastiest, different configuration, area and floors. Address for us and your receive the house of your dreams!

The prices on the wireframe house depend from the level of complexity project and architectural construction and other factors:

  • area of build,
  • supporting walls,
  • doors and windows spaces.

For the costs impact your order of typical project or individual. Besides the projection and erection house for the individual project will be expensive because in that case you receive exclusive living house.

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