Wireframe and shield houses

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General information about wireframe and shield houses

The building of wireframe and shield houses about Canada technology became very popular and relevant. Interestingly, the technology has a rather long history and used around the world for over five hundred years. In the Nordic countries, Finland and Germany are widely spread classical construction frame as “half-timbered”, known to tourists for charming views of exposed beams on the front. People have long fallen to the liking of the indisputable advantages of such buildings: the minimum amount of raw materials, the speed of the building being erected, mobility, reliability, and durability the feature house and the low price on the wireframe and shield houses. Therefore, even in the USA the wireframe actively erecting houses during several decades. The geometric buildings form exchanges and the style of formation over the years.

Today build the wireframe house has become much easier because the preparation materials will be making at the territory factory shop. On the engineering tools measure every elements the feature building than cut out about technic documents of object and on the ending stage has the test stage of assembly. For that methodic see the inconsistency of assembling house. Above the building on the difficult of access and overall technics the places (hills, plantings, gardens, and absence entrance) the wireframe house can collect on the place what by no means for quality assemblage. The building on the place is popular in the USA and Canada.

The price of wireframe house in turn key is depending from the materials which can help only experienced specialists. Need to take the computation where will be the build the peculiarity of architectural project stand and others factors, which can appear in every object. In the erect of house by themselves need to save the assembling of building.
The technology of build wireframe and shield houses
The construction of walls are very strong for the skeleton from wood (post), edging the space between the sections of skeleton by the sheet materials, STEICO by the veneer or others (with the used soft sheet materials in construction provide the incline) and infill the inner space between the slabs by the heater as basalt, mineral, eco cotton wool, glass fiber, wood heater, woolen heater, sawdust and others.

The prices on the wireframe houses can more various from floors, the materials for build the territory of building up, the complexity of project and many others.

The wireframe houses the build bases on the using specials materials of the main walls and distinguish the various combinations of the edging materials. The main popularity “interiors” are the wood wireframe outside edging by OSB slabs (oriented strand board, oriented on the shavings slabs) or others and including the steams permeable materials and cover to inner heat insulation with the steam barrier membrane. Very often those walls named – sandwich-panels what is not right and as a fact that house from SIP panels (OSB- expanded polystyrene-OSB) named the Canadians, as in the Canada, USA and on the all-world the build of houses in that technology is not more 3 percent from main part of house which have the expanded polystyrene and OSB in the inner of build.

The main recess in all world borrow the traditional wireframe and shield houses with the wood construction but no the metal wireframe as somebodies builders try to give it. Using as the quality edging materials of the type STEICO need to raise durability all construction, that’s why the wireframes support the strut. STEICO are not taking the big pressure and make the function of windbreak with good steam-run. Invariable in the all types edging materials are standing the engineering network to the inner of walls, which can have the economy the curiously living place in the inward house and save the esthetic appearance view. The cost of build wireframe house is depending from the materials and covering. The inner walls can beat down the wood materials or plasterboard with the next coloring, gluing wallpapers or decoration with slab or stones. For the accomplishment of appearance house walls as usual providing the general types of decoration the fibrocement, front slabs or any other covering material, which can save the house from destroy humidity and temperature fluctuation.

The benefits wireframe house
What is providing the good benefits of the wireframe house? The methodology of build houses with the help of hard and imponderable wireframe for the principles of bee cells and build the good stand construction as the horizontal and vertical plane. And the right arrangement columns and slabs materials don’t give the rise of deformation and skews of building in feature.

In dependence of the constructive properties for adding durability and don`t give the shrinkage of the heat insulation on the walls and produces the crosspiece (blocks) between the columns of wireframe. The assembling wireframe house can be providing at the strict observance base rules that’s in the ending results you will receive the strength construction without shrinkage and others unfavorable effect and will avert overrun covering materials and economy of expend for all complex of works, materials and time. The technologies of the erect wireframe houses are approved the tenth. The main factor is the reliability of that type construction and go full check-up for the Germany standard for the old wireframe houses which have more 50th years.

Why people choose the wireframe houses?
  1. The ecological compatibility of house, which build from the natural materials take the first place for the buying. The base of the build (wireframe) was made from wood timbers, the natural heat insulation and the natural materials of edging with the steam run ability.
  2. The wireframe and shields houses distinction their practices and controls of the optimal temperature regime. The wireframe and shields build can erect the house in which the place very quickly heating and for long time save the warm in winter and give the coolness in summer.
  3. The durability and strength that’s house will provide the erect walls and partition technology.
  4. The erection of house is realized on the place in a short time. The cause of quick build is the ready and sort out materials for object. Remain to make the assembling and to do the engineering and clear covering.
  5. The costs of wireframe houses are cheap for the compare with brick. As that all construction is the low weight you can have the economy on the solid fundament (base).
  6. The building of wireframe house are conquered their admirers for the mobility of house. The reliability and strength structure that’s objects provide the low weight of house. In the same sizes and thinking of construction the house can build from the single modular, but it give the rise in price of construction or if that summer cottage house their can transported in total.
  7. In the covering the wooden materials or fibrocement slabs the build wireframe house don’t need “wet work” those houses with this technology can build all year round without the break in the cold season.

You can take the order all complex to formation of project and build the wireframe house for cost which will become lower for the other technology of build houses. We offer the customers to convict in the advantages of wireframe and shield build on the own experience, that’s our company do the acquaint excursion on the objects from different technologies of build.