Wireframe and shield baths

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General information about wireframe and shield bath

The company of “PBC “Sofia” LLC offers the clients to projection and builds wireframe and shield baths, which become very popular. We are the carefully thinking about all projects for the smaller details. That is why we have the perfect reputations among our customers.

The unique characteristics of the wireframe and shield construction are in the reliability, heat-insulation, longevity, simplicity of construction and affordable price. The term of product life that’s type of bath is more than 100 years.

The build of the wireframe and shield bath for many characteristics overcome customary bath. That`s provide the maximum of comforts, the big power of stove, economies. In the projection we include heat insulation of walls, as results the baths place very quickly warming and longtime save it. For this types of bath the property high level of heat-providing.

The next property wireframe and shield baths become many variants of inner and appearance design. The appearance can make with siding, slabs, plastering or block house besides the cover is not distinguish from cribwork. Wireframe and shield baths are not needs anytime for standing. They are ready to exploitation after the finish of the build.

Incontestable priorities of wireframe and shield baths are:
  • Low weight construction. This is curtailing accounts on the building materials by assembling of easement form of base. That’s baths gives shrinkage;
  • Short term of build; the frame make for the few days and the decoration assembling stove demand of less few weeks;
  • Tubing and cable can hide in the wall, which will definitely make the appearance more attractive.

Our designers and professionals build wireframe and shield baths are quality that is why the baths from the company of “PBC “Sofia” are famous for reliability and the high level of the quality. Our buildings serve very long time and gladden the owner with warm, comfortable and coziness atmospheres.

The main attention is deserved the modular houses and baths. Their distinction is the ability to quickly installation on your place without any effort.

The case of the bath consist of the metallic frame, which give to transported and assembling it practically in every place if have the hard place in the territory (columnar, light strip foundation or monolithic slab).

The house (or the baths) has all what need for the comfortable all the year round living: bedroom and kitchen furniture, electros technic, shower cabin, compact, heat-convector, conditioner etc.

One modular bath

одном план_одно
2_одно 3_одно 4_одно 1_одно
Two modular bath
двухмод двухмод2 план_двухмод план2_двухмод
1_двухмод 4_двухмод 3_двухмод 2_двухмод

Three modular bath
троьхмод троьхмод2 план2_троьхмод план_трьохмод
1_троьхмод 3_троьхмод 2_троьхмод 4_троьхмод

The company “PBC “Sofia” LLC can propose the various projects for the Bath-houses from glued laminated timber. You can choose the typical project or can invert to our designers with the aim individual design project for own desire.