Canada`s house

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General information

The company of “PBC “Sofia” LLC offer the projection and build houses for the Canada`s technologies. This technology is new for our country but in the world it applies many decades and it is considerate the most progressive.

Canada`s houses is absolutely innovation methods for panel build. Accessibility and comfortable living are become the available and comfortable living.

Build of Canada`s houses

Дома по канадской технологии абсолютно соответствуют современным стандартам и нормам строительства. The houses of the Canada`s technology absolute correspond to modern standard and norms of build. The Canada`s technology is unique for the quick temps of erect of building. Because the all elements of construction applying for build are produce on the plant and then deliver on the place and make pick as constructor on that. It is very comfortable because all details are precisely adjusted to each other and don’t expend time and strength on the adjustment.

Our designers develop the projects of the Canada`s house with help of special computer programs which give the build the wireframe building fasteners and others details without any mistakes. In your mind we can offer the typical developer projects where we can search many interesting architectures configuration. And we can develop the project for your own wishes.

Advantage Canada`s houses:

  • the build of the Canada`s house is easy of access in the financial size for the young families with the middle income and that house will be economy and fast compensate;
  • don’t build the big fundament;
  • the Canada`s house has the ability to save the heat in winter and have the economy on heating;
  • the inner covering can make after the finishing of build;
  • the quickly terms of build house about 1-3 month;
  • ecological compatibility, good save heating and sound insulation properties;
  • reliability and longevity.
Our company gives the services of professional architectural, designer and contractual. On the web-site you can search the photos of main project, which help you to choose what Canada houses what you want. We try to make what you want in your home project and as a result you can enjoy unequal own comfortable house.

The prices on the Canada`s house

The price on the Canada`s house are form on the many factors and those are unique and complexity project, area and number of floors house, using the various materials for the build and others. Usually, take an order of typical project you are economizing. But the developers of own project by Canada`s house give you the create that space for the comfortable living about what you will dream!