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The general information about play`s house

Every child dream about own place where can do all affairs and organize all for the comfort time. The company of PBC “Sophia” gives the opportunity to make the dream of child with the child play`s houses. Nowadays, children spend all time near the computer or TV-set. That is why the children attention can divert with play`s houses. All children like to spend time in their world without parents. This is the good place where can save the secrets, plays and invite the friends. The child will be feel in the real own home if stand the furniture there.

The play`s house is not only for game and for develop creative abilities, logics, thinking and etc. The children play`s house is provide the good and secure spend time on the open air. Besides, the child always wants to have the toys which have not at friends.

The company of PBC “Sophia” produces the children play`s houses of the natural wood of own manufacture. And you will be assured on the 100 percent that your child is secure. All our houses build from eco-natural and clear materials with the covering of high quality varnish of Adler Company and absolutely secure and recommend for children. We have the great choice the ready decision in our catalog. We produce the play`s house for you sketch with various ideas.

Цена на деревянный детский домик

Ценовые решения разрабатываются индивидуально в зависимости от желаний заказчика. Заказ на строительство может быть согласно типовых проектов уже реализованных домиков, либо по индивидуальному проектированию. Более детальную информацию о цене и комплектации домика можете узнать в нашем офисе.

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