The open door`s in all cities baths

Helsinki is the capital of Finland invites the open door of all baths. The arrangement will be on Saturday of the 12th of March.

Helsinki has many baths but they haven’t many visits. That is why they do the first in the history Helsinki Sauna Day 2016 for all wishers to warms the bodies and minds.

The owners of baths place could not refuse the wishers visitors. All guests and inhabitances can free and all time what they want to rest there.

On the Eve of celebrate will be publish the list of baths which take place in the program. The sign up of bath can on the web-site

The organization of event takes the community of Yhteismaa ry with Visit Helsinki.

But why are you go to Finland for that. All can organizes with the comfort on own summer cottage place or territory. Build the bath or sauna with the company PBK “Sophia”. The relaxing and warming are guaranteed.

More detailed familiarize with our realized projects can in the chapter The baths from glued timber and Wireframe and shield baths.


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