The economy eco-house

On the end of Dornbirn of Australia became the unusual eco-house. It has the thickness 120 sm general walls, which support the wood construction around.

They have the wood and clay decoration hidden the stacks straw materials, which do the house unique at that region. That`s stacks are the natural heat-isolation and the structural elements of walls.

The choose of the unique material was the result of customer wished to made in build technology, which eco saved and economy. The bigger stacks of size 70 for 120 sm with the high 240 sm were folded and decorate of the 3rd sm thickness.

For the roof provide the wood stacks boxes. They have the construction of front outside walls and fixed ceiling panels. On the west and south the roof has projection 2,5 meters. It saved from summer sun rays in the inner of building and the stacks straw from rains.

About the durability of that construction we will know for some times.

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