The houses from glued laminated timber

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The glued timber becomes very popular material for build of the country houses and summer houses, because it has stable structure. The secret is consisting of the stepwise and laconic work the technology process at the formication timber. As the result takes the material, which itself shows better compared even to solid wood. The houses of timber build stands for the century. It builds from the good materials and has a perfect appearance.

How to make the glued laminated timber?

Tell about few words of the right technology of create glued laminated timber. In the main the timbers make from pine and fir trees for the lower costs and physics and mechanics facilities. The work become from division of timber on the timber required sizes with allowances for shrinkage and subsequent machining. After the sawing are formatted the piles for cameral drying. The boards go to drying with compliance the temperature regime and for needing humidity. Workpieces sorted for the size of some group, for searching timbers defects and then put together for longer. After technical self-control the boards send to four-sided planer, where the calibration is performed in a predetermined size. Boards are ready for pasting to the timber! !

The boards go to the glued equipment, which dosing the quantity the glued on the surface. Nowadays, have many one and two component of glued kind for timber, but the best is expensive polyurethane glued. The quality glued systems are guaranteed that your house from glued laminated timber become the reliable and comfortable place for family.

The process of the glued of storages from timber produce on the special hydro press equipment, that develop the high pressure in the press (depend from the type of the glued system). Reliability and strength of timber are realizing for the adding gluing of unpaired quantity boards. After pressed the timbers provide the unloading cargo place for technology exposure required for complete glue polymerization.

The next stage is fourth size calibration of timber on the need format with the simultaneous profiling of mounting slots. The main attention on the end stage is the timber show the cutting of cup (or other type of jointing) and glued timber for technical documentation of project. Because that is influence on the accuracy and quality of build construction. The ends lines of timbers are the vulnerable places, which exposed the temperature and humidity fluctuation, and at that place can cause cracks. We will prevent such manifestations and thoroughly impregnate the ends of special materials. After a long and far from simple manufacturing process timber is ready for assembly.

The building of houses from timber

The build of houses from timber have the long time technological process that is why very important to trust the house build for professionals. We are projected every house for individual wishes of customer. On the first stage of projection are speaking about the section of timber, the choice which depend from the climatic condition of region and from the architectures abilities of builds. The section (thickness of wall) depends from the volume of timber, which has the several of price for building. In the choices of timber section are to choose the golden mean. besides, the most popular size of timber for build the house are 180-200 millimeters and 140-160 millimeters for bath, and the other sizes will go to build the small architect form.

The glued laminated timber is actively produces in the build of domical and half-timbered houses.

What are the main points of the houses from glued squared timber?

1. Eco-clean natural materials, which formed the positive micro climate and charge the house by energy.

2. The no deformation is realized for the compliance gluing unpaired number of lamellae technology with mutually perpendicular directions of adjacent layers of fibers.

3. Doesn’t fire of house from glued laminated timber provide the thickness of timber and security saved the person compoud.

4.Minimal shrinkage that wood house for the 1 percent. That’s property give the quickly to endeared to house.

5.The charming appearance and inner view. You can make everything colorizing for wood elements or to hide them colorless protective structures.

6. The wood house from timbers show the state, exquisite taste and well-being of the owners, it fills a sense of pride and self-sufficiency.

7. The cost of house from glued laminated timber for small expensive of build for some famous technologies but exceeds the expected results.

8. From this materials can build the house in several styles, example domical and half-timbered houses.

9. The rates of build. The house will be built before you are aware that you will have a house.

Specify the details for building of your feature home and in our manager specify the project price.

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