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In the field of produce windows and even after the development of innovative synthetic materials the demands for the high-quality windows of natural wood all time are growing for many indisputable advantages. The advantages of wood has those properties:
  • resistance to temperature changes,
  • the slow level of the thermal conduction,
  • the quality of loud insulation,
  • the absence of electrostatic,
  • ecological compatibility экологичность, 
  • beautiful texture .

The company of LLC “PBC “Sofia” is make the wood windows in Kyiv and in Ukraine, which give the refined and elegance for houses in every styles-classical and modern. In the process of manufacture we use the glued laminated timber, which has three layers. That is give the avoid ability the mistakes of whole wood timber and amplify useful characteristics of ready windows.

The prices on the wood windows from the PBC “Sofia”

The costs of wood windows estimate the individuals, includes the types and size of windows, the characteristics of configurative, furniture and the complexity of produce.

The construction of the wood windows

For the producers of windows are using only the certification products:
  • Three layers glued laminated timber to 78 mm;
  • Double chamber glass pack to 36 mm (4-12-4-12-4);
  • The furniture “MACO” (“Austria”);
  • The rubber sealant in two outline (no freeze);
  • The shimmer on the case of windows includes the deaf and galvanized steel in colors;
  • The window-sill from the glued shield and moisture resistant veneer;
  • The varnish and paint covering with impregnation in three layers. Using the materials of “Remmers” company on the water base for the outward work;
  • The various construction of opens and the forms of products.

The optionally:

  • The energies saves glass packs (Low (i), multifunctional (Solar – E), decorative overlay, veneer, antistrike, sun-saved, power-saving tapes, the warm-remote frames;
  • The mosquito nettings, bamboo and tissue, appliances wood blinds, old products, veneered the inner size oaks or from the oak timber.

The assembling, guarantees services are the part of complex services by the buying.

The specific of the make wood windows

We work up the primary products for antifungal and varnish, which provide the high level of wood guard from higher humidity and mechanic damage. That is why the work up of wood texture for a long time saves in the start view.

The windows for buying complicated the qualities glass packs, which provide the full impermeability and the absence backlash of frame. When you address to our managers they can give you qualification helps for the choosing optimal decisions of wood windows for your place – ones or two folding, smooth or panel.

Besides, we will produce windows for our sketches, can work up the construction for you individual order and which become the exclusive and beauty harmonized with yours design of your accommodation. The wood windows for many years saved the appeal and give the accommodation coziness and comfort.

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