Wood staircases

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General information about wood staircases

Nowadays, wood staircases are growing popularity and restante for houses, villas and cottages. The cause of that become that many people wish to use at home masterpieces of wood, which characterized the eco and practice. As a result to using the wood staircases in design, you will get the exclusive masterpieces, which can help to do the calm and harmony house`s for the life and rest.

The company of “PBC “Sofia” more ten years are specializing on the projection and production various masterpieces from wood, including the wood staircases for offer. We have the good team of professionals, the reliable attitude with provider and the control of quality on the all steps of work. We can take you attention the various assortments of wood staircases with quality and good price.

The price of produce wood staircases

There are many configurations of staircases, but they belong for few main types. The prices on our website show on the typical wood staircases and include the cost of coloring, delivery and installation. The company LLC “PBC “Sofia” offers the wood staircases with metallic, wood and glass of railing and hand-rail and the produce, edging metal wireframes.

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The specific of projection wooden staircases

In the process of the construction houses and staircases from the natural wood timber are produces the program CadWork by our designers. It gives for all details and nuances.

The company LLC “PBC “Sofia” gives the different types of staircases: straights, rotaries, spirals, with consoles. The enclosures and balusters produce not only from timber wood and we use the stainless steel and the special prestressed glasses.

For the using rotaries and spirals staircases can optimal make places of house and create the unique stylistic composition. The making of turn is produce once step of place or projection specials turn steps. For the needing we construct the staircases with the 270 degree.

If you have the idea of staircases, which have not in our catalog, our designers are ready for sketches and visualization that models in format 3D and then we produce the exclusive staircases and installation it in your house or cottage.

Generate the projects of stair for special order we include many factors as: quantity and age all members of family, the specific of accommodations, design of interiors and at that ways the staircases become the adding element of design and add the details. We use the staircases from good species of wood timber: oak, pine, ash mahogany and exotic Africa and Asia.

Call to our managers you receive the qualification consultation for the range of products and know the price of staircases.

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