On the territory of Ukraine from ancient time had erected wood houses. It tradition have safe in the modern world but the methodic of erected houses and technology of developer materials for built change.

Many Ukrainians like to live in new wood construction from eco clear materials. The wooden house become the prosperity, practices and wishes to live “for new”.

Many factors of build houses have wooden houses. We show only the important from there.

Prices on the wooden houses

On the costs of wooden houses show the level of complexity architecture and area (about the big area on the square meters become cheaper). The accounts for the build and exploitation in the ending of results are the fewer prices than the bricks` houses and have the economy on the heating in the wooden houses. Aren’t needed decorating in the inner of the house from glued laminated timber, because the walls with the first covering have the good appearance. The process of erect is very complexity but things that build house are light.

That is cause recommend to believe to erect wooden house by professionals their offer. The company “PBC “Sofia” becomes a market leader in that during many years and had received good reputation from the customers.

The bigger lists between two materials are from different structure bricks and wood as result absolute various behavior things.
  1. The house from wood costs cheaper. Wooden buildings have cost cheaper than that houses from bricks. The reason has two aspects as: More cheaper and natural materials and cost less on the erect fundament. Because the lights of construction the reliability wooden house may erect on any fundament. The price from 1 square meters may oscillate in depend of complexity of constructions and types of add works which need for build house.
  2. The houses from wood are better safe heat. The secrets in the heating providing materials. In the bricks and concrete is bigger heat providing and they let pass warm than wooden walls. That is why in the wooden house you can have economy on the heating and don’t heat outdoor. It behavior of wooden house is main for summer cottages and do not live all time.
  3. The wooden` houses build speeder. All for dimensions of build materials- glued timbers or walls panels which include each other and in the erect formed reliability and monolith constructions. The time for build “turnkey” house from glued laminated timber consists from 2-4 months and the wireframe and shield for turnkey from 3-5 months. In the brick`s house the build of walls have more time and trying for the small size each bricks application concrete on the align. Besides the build of bricks house can take the stretches period for the weather condition (rain or frost). The fundament needs stands.
  4. The house from eco-natural material. Wooden houses are eco-clear for environment and for the inhabitants of house. The build house from wood is perspective type of erect in many countries. That’s reason is European course on eco-clear type of home and positive impact on the people health, emotional and psychological state.
  5. Live in the wooden house after build. In the brick construction is that stands for the big weight. As usual the fundament stand`s that is why it make so strength. The stand`s all construction is sometimes few months or years. That is why many people want to build house from turnkey wood. The stand`s in wooden house is practically exception (1 % for drying wood). Surround the house can after erect the ending timbers.
  6. Don’t need inner covering works. The wood houses from glued laminated timber with wooden decorating have not “wet” work. You can live in that new, comfortable house after erect all construction.
  7. The ideal appearance of wooden house. It abilities bribed many persons because wood give the beauty view of your house. And for them don’t provide the appearance covering.

1) We propose few technologies for erect wooden houses as:

– Build wireframe and shield houses are constructing for turnkey and have the typical decisions with the abilities to take add the correct for feature living people needs and convenience. The process of build become for Canadian methodic: exact projection (with take correct in plan of build) measurement and cutting needing parts for house and the delivery prepared materials or ready walls and their construct on the build place in the Scandinavia and Germany countries.

– Build the houses from glued laminated timber are constructing for turnkey and can create for any complexity projects include half-timbered houses. Technology of formation that type of material consists on glued under high pressure lamellas (preliminary drying boards). For the changes of the structure material for the processing provide formation equal timbers without defects and deformation with high fire-resistance, durability.

– Property technology by bending woods which gives create unusual form of buildings different destination for example domical houses, building with big spaces without support and durability that construction generate for centuries.

2) Wooden house and price for them become the principles for you cheaper if choose once variant from below:

• buying materials for themselves erect houses (variant of economy);

• the box of house with the assembling works (optimal variants);

• build wooden houses for turnkey (very popularity variant what choose our customers).

As results, your received the ready house of your dreams without any effort from your size.

3) We provide full complex of work: from projection, prepare build materials to take the living turnkey house for customers.

4) The builder certificated company. Our company includes only experience professionals which regularity raise the level of own skills and know all technology nuances for erect building. Certainly address for us to the detailed calculation on your project. Our architectures and designers give your consultation absolutely free.

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