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General information about wood arbors and sheds

The company “PBC “Sofia” LLC does the projection and builds ornamental wood arbors and sheds. Our designers will be able to develop and implement even the most intricate shapes and designs of wood arbors. We have the many experience in that sphere. We can work with typical projects and will make the project special for you. We have done eco-clear material – timber and resources for coloring in the process erected the arbors. Almost in all projects have benches and tables.
Wood arbors and sheds
The arbors are the light roofing buildings which opener with all side and use with aims of rest and relaxing and from the save from snow and rain on the summer cottage place. Include the decoration function, they become the main details of landscape design and generate the architecture composition on the place. As usual the arbors settle as open the beautiful view.

During many centuries the wood sheds was used unusual popularity of garden elements and nowadays they saved the leaderships from others architectures buildings. The wood constructions with the roofing are very popular and they generate the comfortable atmosphere and the beauties include stylistic of the garden place. Choosing the wood arbors and sheds you are the maximum come near to nature and provide all your family the ideal place for collective rest and great spend time. In the build `s used the oak, ash and other value species of trees. The wide produces carving which give the elegance of that kind of building.

The building of wood arbors and sheds best of all entrust to the professionals, which are the specialists of “PBC “Sofia”. Our designers include in the projections all factors that your arbors will be ideal situate in the place. There are territory of places, other structure of the main building and the general relief. As the results the construction is harmony add the general stylistic summer cottage.