Turn-key baths, the photo of our project

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General information about build the turn-key baths

You have the own place sooner or later begin to think about the build a turn-key bath. From generation to generation it has passed the tradition with people that we not just wash removing dirt from the body but namely steam, banishing ailments, illnesses, health reserve for future use. The hot steam rooms with the birch (oak, juniper) broom a mandatory attribute of bath. You can, of course, to have patience, to turn over a large amount of materials and take personally engage the construction of the bath. If you haven`t own time but want that your bath will be in the all norms need apply to the professionals.

The main attention deserves the modular houses and baths. Their main distinction is the opportunity the quick installation on the some place without efforts.


The skeleton of bath consists of metallic frame which can transport and assembling practically in every place with hard land in the territory (columnar, light strip foundation or monolithic slab).


The house has all what need for the comfortable all the year round living: bedroom and kitchen furniture, electros technic, shower cabin, compact, heat-convector, conditioner etc.


One modular bath


одном план_одно
2_одно 3_одно 4_одно 1_одно
Two modular bath
двухмод двухмод2 план_двухмод план2_двухмод
1_двухмод 4_двухмод 3_двухмод 2_двухмод
Three modular bath
троьхмод троьхмод2 план2_троьхмод план_трьохмод
1_троьхмод 3_троьхмод 2_троьхмод 4_троьхмод

The prices on the baths and bath house

The cost of build specify individual in the managers of our office for concrete project. The price depend from many factors for the get detail information, you can send the typical project of bath on our e-mail with your wishes and nuances. We will create the estimate and ask as can the maximally quickly.

The company of PBC Sofia is the good variant of the build turn-key baths
We work for a long time as the qualities build of good bath for turnkey: from to agreement of project, the laying of fundament and delivery of materials for full finish work with the installation modern bath equipment. In the process the customer choose from our catalogs which like the project (sometimes offer the own variants). We conforming all details:

  1. Project
  2. Communication
  3. Covering of front and inner design
  4. The materials and equipment
  5. The term of work
  6. The prices.

In the adjudge time take the materials and begin the build. The modern good bath is the complex of buildings for disguises, washes, rest and the steam room. As a rule the customers want two room, but we look the alternative variants include the build of swimming pool. The working of wood with the special biological and fireproof consist are provide our specialists on the high professional level. In the adjudge time drive the materials and begin the work.

We are offers:
  1. 1. The wireframe bath from natural wood. For the climatic condition they approach the best and don’t need the add heat insulation, the better take the adjusted temperature during for long time.
  2. 2. The bath from timber or cylinder beam. Very often exploitable materials for quickly erect baths. Many abilities and take have the durability and longevity.

Immediately after the acceptance of the object of construction, we have the customer sign an act of completion. You can enjoy all the features of the bath. A lot of the nuances and pitfalls is the construction of baths turn-key in Kiev. The company of “PBC “Sofia” LLC is building the optimal bath with taking into account all your wishes. Perform all work efficiently, quickly and cheaper.

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