Bath-houses from glued laminated timber

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General information about the Bath-houses from timber

The company of “PBC “Sofia” is engaging manufacturing and construction of baths from glued timbers, which perform not only some place for take baths and hygienic treatment. The bath-houses projected and built by our masters would become the place of good atmosphere and emotional conversations. At that time you can clear the body and soul. Nowadays, many people of big cities try to return the ancient culture and the bath treatments are the once of ways for clear and inspiration nature energy. That is why the build of bath-houses from glued timber is demand. At that place can to forget for business and relaxing. Traditionally, the bath-houses erect from natural wood.

The main attention deserved modular houses and baths. Their distinction is the ability to quickly installation on your place without any effort. The case of the bath consist of the metallic frame, which will give to transported and assembled it practically in every place even have the hard place in the territory (columnar, light strip foundation or monolithic slab).

The house has all what need for the comfortable all the year round living: bedroom and kitchen furniture, electros technic, shower cabin, compact, heat-convector, conditioner etc.

One modular bath

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2_одно 3_одно 4_одно 1_одно
Two modular bath
двухмод двухмод2 план_двухмод план2_двухмод
1_двухмод 4_двухмод 3_двухмод 2_двухмод
Three modular bath
троьхмод троьхмод2 план2_троьхмод план_трьохмод
1_троьхмод 3_троьхмод 2_троьхмод 4_троьхмод
The building of the Bath-houses from glued laminated timber
During the construction by the company of “PBC “Sofia” using eco-clean build materials of high quality. We have used not only traditional ways of build baths from timbers and the latest developer and achievements in the build sphere. The erect of baths from glued laminated timber has the specific that you will get the result of the right steam:

  • We used only good materials. The right erect glued laminated timber has the steadiness for the temperature differential and high humidity and after that don’t lost the form and save own behavior.
  • Our baths are ecologic clean because the glued laminated timbers are not processing the toxicant and absolutely safety for all your family and children. After that during all term of exploitation in the bath save the natural wood smell.
  • The priority of build baths for us is the maximal level of comfortable and coziness for our customers. We providing the ecologic, quality of erect, planning and try to create the original atmosphere in the bath for comfortable tea-drinking with samovar, as good old times.
  • The baths from glued laminated timber erect of our workers which including the specific of this type building. We take into account all nuances: size, the place stand of doors and windows space and the high of shelves for steam room. When the all nuances right take into account, the bath treatments give the real pleasure for owner.
  • The baths build from glued laminated timber during long time don’t leave their behaviors and save the good appearance and the panels have not appeared the crack and swelling.