Author’s supervision

Did you make your design-project wood house or cottage with your wishes? Did you like 3d-visualization and happy to live in the beauty house? That’s become the main stage of erect house (в російському варіанті там набір незрозумілих букв) with the builders and other specialists.

In order to carry out all construction work in strict accordance with your requirements and design project by company of LLC “PBC “Sofia” proposes the service as author’s supervision. The Author’s supervision is the system of special jobs what provides the conformity project of architecture, wood house stylistics, technology and other design decision.

Why is need the Author's supervision?

For many customers will not show the professional builders or architects the services of author’s supervision from the LLC “PBC “Sofia” needless. Many nuances of building works no main from the point of some person are very important in build escape from attention. Agree, don’t want to search the problems on that steps when the correct could not make or when it need the add costs. Author’s supervision gives to find the little departure from the project and the norm of build and correct in time.

In the process of erect wood house display many question for the different problems and solve it in time. Without experiences specialists the people are very hard to make it. Underline the point that all controlled need to visit build place one or twice in week. Only that situation is under the control.

The complex of author's supervision include those services:

  • Monitoring of the object of build;
  • Take the correction in the design of project in the arise needless or wishes of customers;
  • Take the correction in the case of squeeze substitute of some build materials or details;
  • Current qualification consultation by builders and customer.

The scheme of Author's supervision:

  • Celebration of contract about author’s supervision;
  • Designer, engineer and architect are visiting the objects of build, which stipulate in contract;
  • The correction and handing ready sketches by builders;
  • All results of author’s supervision report for customer.
The price of Author’s supervision

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